Bob Fass Field Recording: March on Washington 8/28/1963

Bob Fass travels to Washington DC in 1963 to record audio at the March on Washington. You can hear Martin Luther King’s famous speech in the background.

Radio Unnameable 3/7/1968
Tiny Tim drops by the studio to chat with Bob and play songs including his famous rendition of “Tiptoe Through The Tulips”.

Radio Unnameable 6/7/1967
Members of The Grateful Dead and Group Image chat with Bob Fass about the Be-In, Abbie Hoffman’s wedding and their upcoming show in Tompkins Square Park.

Radio Unnameable 1967 (exact date unknown)
Bob Fass has a conversation with a listener about the youth movement and how various means of communication inspire social change.

Radio Unnameable 9/17/1965 or 1966
Since the early days of the program, Bob Fass has experimented with sound, bringing together disparate materials to create a free form mix. This is an excerpt from a sound collage that continues for another twenty glorious minutes.


Radio Unnameable 10/18/1967
Bob Fass and Abbie Hoffman take a call from a listener in the Bronx, discussing everything from the rats in his apartment to the definition of a hippie.