A short film featuring Bob Fass and long time listener/taxi driver John McDonagh. The city is alive. The airwaves are open and free. With impressionistic beauty NIGHT PEOPLE captures this moment in time.

Musician, cartoonist and the composer of RADIO UNNAMEABLE’s original score, Jeffrey Lewis created this short music video about NYC radio personality Bob Fass.

Bob Fass, Izzy Young of the Folklore Center and Art D’Lugoff of the Village Gate reminiscence about the West Village during the 1960s.

Q&A from the RADIO UNNAMEABLE New York Film Premiere at BAMCinemafest, June 26th 2012.
From left: John Pirozzi, Director of Cinematography; Greg Wright, Editor; Bob Fass; Jessica Wolfson, Director & Producer; Paul Lovelace, Director & Producer; Nelly Killian, Moderator.